Monday, September 19, 2011

Jimmy Monkey Cafe & Bar

Sundays should officially be reserved for brunch in everyone's schedule. Brunch is like the only reason to get out of bed for and its probably one of the things I live for hahaha

So this time, The Star and I headed to One North Residences. Our second time coming here, first being for Simply Shiok the icecream parlour. When I first came to One North about 2 years ago, I fell in love with the serenity of the place. It's a wonder how it's so quiet and peaceful when it's actually pretty near the main road. I thought to myself that I'll like to stay here someday, then.

Haha isn't it wonderful? It's convenient yet so surreal.

Our destination :

Unique name isn't it? Read on to find out more!

When I was taking a picture of the signboard, the lady boss greeted us warmly and ushered us into the cafe. Can I tell you guys again how much I love nice and friendly and warm people like her? She's one of the reasons why I adore Jimmy Monkey so much.

Once we sat down, a service crew member headed straight over and handed us menus and told us to order at the counter once we're ready. Efficiency, checked.

As The Star and I like unique and quirky settings/things, we totally dig the double storey interior

The tiffany blue cupboards and almost tiffany blue cups. I really like tiffany blue.

While The Star was ordering at the counter, I was busy snapping pictures and being fascinated by the amount of effort they put into designing the interior of Jimmy Monkey. This was when, the lady boss came over to me and asked if it was my first time there. SHE WAS SO FRIENDLY LET ME REPEAT HAHAHA SORRY BUT I REALLY LIKE SUCH SWEET PEOPLE. She asked if I could see the toilet upstairs and I looked up and I was like huh what toilet.. And she told me to walk towards the book shelves a little more and look up. And so I did...

LOOK ITS A TOILET BOWL!!! Hahahaha so cute

After The Star was done with ordering, we headed back to our seats when the lady boss came and sat with us. I've no idea why I didn't ask for her name, now I have to keep calling her the lady boss hahaha. Okay so anyway she gave us a brief history of Jimmy Monkey.

Basically, the cafe is opened by the lady boss and her hubby(Mike) who's from Melbourne. He's an avid coffee lover and it was his dream to open something. So when they had the opportunity to, they seized it. They loved what this place had to offer, the double storey interior and the location and so this was where Jimmy Monkey Cafe was born. She added that her husband was like me, he's always taking pictures of cool stuff and had a huge collection of photos and when they were thinking of the design for Jimmy Monkey, they got alot of their inspiration from the photos. I must say that their ideas are so fantastically brilliant. It's a pity that they didn't get the sliding ladder or the tree in the middle of the cafe. But the cafe is still sooo lovely.

Anyway, got any clue how the name Jimmy Monkey came about? Wanna make a guess? Haha

The couple was brainstorming for a name for their cafe and they were heading down the coffee trail, initially wanting to name the cafe something related to coffee. However the boss suddenly said "Why don't we name it Jimmy Monkey?" Jimmy is the name of the monkey that Mike has since he was a baby. His mummy named it Jimmy and that's how Jimmy Monkey came about! Really cute origin I must say haha. And I really appreciate how the lady boss took time to hold a conversation with us and to even tell us the history of the cafe. Such a sweet lady

That's Jimmy Monkey. He lives in the cafe now haha

The Star : Eh I ordered beer, it's famous
Me: HUH?!?! Now what time why you want to drink beer

Turns out that I'm a retard for saying that because it's water inside. HAHAHA bet the people next to us were secretly laughing at me..


Full cooked breakfast - $18
2 eggs any style, toasted ciabatta + two sides (leg ham, bacon, sausages, grilled tomato, sage cream mushrooms, smoked salmon, wilted baby spinach, spicy buttered baked beans)

Available only on weekends

The butter, smoked salmon and leg ham was a killer combination. IT WAS SO HEAVENLY
The only downside was that the poached eggs were a little overcooked. Oh and may I add that we didn't have to wait for long before our food arrived Efficiency, double checked.

Matt's monster ham and cheese toastie -$12

When I read monster, I wasn't expecting the portion to be SO huge. When the dish arrived, The Star and I stared at each other with our eyes wide open and I was like "you'll definitely have to finish it for me" Hahaha twelve bucks for this. Really? I'll pay $15 even for it.

The cheese wasn't any normal cheese. I have no idea what cheese it is but it's just really good. And ham and cheese is a combination that will never ever go wrong. I for one, am a ham and cheese lover. I used to eat ham and cheese toast for breakfast every morning before school. The leg ham is so awesome, it's so chewy and savory and the cheese is so yummy. The most gratifying ham and cheese toast EVER. The toast had poppy seeds and sesame in them and they definitely aren't the usual plain toasts that you'll get elsewhere.

The chocolate banana muffin. Can I please rave about how good this muffin is. This is undoubtedly one of the best muffins in Singapore. We all know how well banana and chocolate go together but this muffin has taken it to a whole new level. With every bite you take into this perfectly warmed muffin, the softness and goodness will capture your heart. Definitely one of my favourite muffins ever.

JIMMY MONKEY IS OFFICIALLY MY FAVOURITE BRUNCH PLACE!! Love the place, love the food, love the muffin, love the lady boss, love the location.

Oh yes, they're famous for their coffee but we didn't feel like having coffee that morning so we missed out on one of their specialties. Their coffee machine is the first of its kind in Singapore, so please coffee lovers, you definitely have to try their coffee.

ANOTHER PLUS POINT OF JIMMY MONKEY on top of their endless list of good points is that they don't charge you the 10% service charge! How awesome is that?? And they open till 4pm for brunch on weekends. Totally the place for me and all you lazy sloths haha. Oh and you can park for free by the roadside. Ding ding another positive point! Haha

Jimmy Monkey is highly recommended!! Although I'll hate for it to get too crowded..

But how can I not share such an amazing place?

9 one-north gateway
#01-51 one-north residences
Singapore 138643

Love, The Sun

Sun's rating of Jimmy Monkey : 9/10


  1. Thanks for the recommendation. I love coffee and I am going to check out the place.

    1. You're welcome! [: Hope you like their coffee!


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