Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Flor Patisserie

Having previously introduced Bonheur patisserie and K-ki & The little drom store, it is only apt that we share our review on Flor Patisserie to complete the delightful trinity of patisseries at ann siang/duxton that ranks right at the very top of our desserts list.


Flor patisserie has been around for more than a year now after Chef Yamashita, previously from patisserie glace, left glace to set up his own dessert place at duxton hill. It was by chance that the sun and I visited Flor for the very first time. We had wanted to visit Bonheur but it was closed on a sunday. Thankfully, Flor was just a 2 mins walk away from bonheur and Flor saved the day!

Chiller filled with delicious looking cakes!

Inside the store, there were limited seatings with around 4-5 tables and a few outdoor seats. Designs were simple but the smell of freshly baked pastries and cakes gave off a homely and cosy feel.



I always have trouble deciding what cakes to get cos they all looked so yummy. they are all calling out to me. such a dilemma. This time, we opted for the Earl Grey Chocolat, Cacoa Royal and Ice cheese tart.


Cacao Royal - Dark chocolate sponge alternately layered with thick chocolate ganache, covered in rich chocolate glaze and topped with fresh berries. SGD $6.20

Earl grey Chocolat - Delicate earl grey cream piped onto swiss roll of dark chocolate meringue and sweet banana. SGD $6.50

Original Ice cheese tart. SGD $3.20

Among this 3, my favourite has to be the Earl grey chocolat. The mix of earl grey tea flavour with chocolate strikes all the notes with my taste buds and i totally fell in love with it. The texture of the cream and chocolate meringue is one that is smooth, soft and rich. Irresistible. Highly recommended.

I think its never easy to describe the taste of a chocolate cake. You have to try it yourself to understand. The chocolatey flavour is one that evades all descriptive words. But having tasted a fair share of chocolate cakes , i can only say i rate the cacao royal pretty highly.


And for the ice cheese tart, the shop's specialty, it was served too frozen to my liking. Had it been thawed slightly further, it would have tasted even better. I went for the original flavour to taste it at its primitive best and i'm pretty sure the other flavours ( blue berry, caramel, mango, chocolate etc ) would taste just as good.

Aside from those mentioned, Flor also sells cookies, tea and chiffon cakes. I would definitely return some time again to try out other cakes, whose looks, still entices me up till today! These are some of the few. . .

Fromage Blanc - Special blueberry sauce encased in smooth rarecheese (chilled cheese mousse), set on a fragrant citrus almond tart base.SGD $6.50

Napolean - The traditional Napoleon, made with Chef's signature puff pastry, the strawberry version. SGD $6.50

Green tea opera - Classic opera with a Japanese twist. Organic green tea flavoured joconde layers filled with 58% dark chocolate ganache and organic green tea buttercream. SGD $6.70

#01-01, 2 Duxton Hill

★ ★ rating of the cakes: 8.5/10

★ ★

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