Thursday, September 8, 2011


This year, I was pretty excited about Raffles hotel's new snowskin durian mooncake.

I was excited to see if it's better than Goodwood Park's. However, I went to the Taka Mooncake fair with The Star and we both felt that Goodwood Park's durian mooncake cannot be compared to Home's Favourite. We saw many people at the Home's Favourite stall and we headed over too.(yes, typical Singaporeans hahaha) The friendly lady at the stall offered us a generous sample of the D24 one before offering us the Mao Shan Wang. She said that we have to try the D24 first before the Mao Shan Wang to taste the difference and most people usually pick the Mao Shan Wang. After trying the MSW, I must say I was kinda immediately won over by it. The thought of Raffles hotel's durian mooncake disappeared from my mind.

The black skin is made of some charcoal powder thing that is supposed to aid digestion. Another plus point ding ding!

This year, Home's Favourite also had another top grade durian mooncake which was sweeter than the MSW. I quite like it, like duh, cause I like sweet stuff. The lady told us that this top grade durian that they use only comes into season once in three years. So obviously I was like WOAHHHH I think I want this. Haha but I guess it'd be too sweet for my family and all. So I decided on the MSW! And The Star bought it for my family and I. Hehe. It's $70 for 4 mooncakes and the top grade one is $72. These were the most expensive mooncakes I saw at the fair.

I felt that Home's Favourite durian mooncakes were quite a significant bit nicer than Goodwood Park's mainly because the skin is softer and thinner. And the durian is really good. Goodwood Park's durian mooncakes are undeniably good too but the skin is really too thick.

It was my turn to find a box of nice and pretty mooncakes to give to The Star's family. He was talking about the Fullerton's Snowskin Treasures which consist of 4 different mooncakes : Mango Pomelo with Sago, Honey Pineapple , Chocolate Banana with Chocolate Chips and Durian Red Bean.

Sounded really weird to me but he was kinda interested in them so I bought it for his family. BOOM the reviews were horrible. First he told me that the mooncakes tasted really bad and next his mummy told me that the mooncakes were bad too. From the strange flavours to the thick skin.. They weren't nice at all.. Pretty embarrassing don't you think.. I was like "oh shit.. " but didn't know what to reply his mummy. Stupid Fullerton come up with fanciful but awful mooncakes. TSK.

We walked around the fair and sampled quite a few other mooncakes from various places. We tried the champagne and truffle one and another expresso one from Jewels' artisan. They were just okay. Apparently Raffles Hotel's Champage and Truffle is quite good. The Star bought the Champagne and Truffle one from Raffles and Fairmont last year. He said they were not bad. We also tried the custard mooncake from.. (I forgot the name) Tasted average but seems to be quite famous.

My mum wanted me to buy a box of double yolk traditional mooncakes and we couldn't decide which to buy. The Tung Lok mooncake box was REALLY UGLY. So we gave that a pass. Took me sometime to decide to buy from Fullerton cause I thought the box was prettier. Hahaha. The double yolk one was sold out at the Fair and the staff wasn't sure if they were gonna have more stock etc zzzz so we drove over to Fullerton to get the double yolk and the gross snowskin treasures. This is the moment in my life that I'll look back on and regret always. The only consolation was the Citibank discount..

Happy with my MSW from Home's Favourite but really sorry about the distasteful Fullerton Snowskin Treasures. Contemplating to get his family another box of mooncakes.. Any recommendations?

Have a fun Mid-Autumn Festival everybodyyyy!

Love, The Sun

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