Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pek Kio Market & its Highlight : Wah Kee Big Prawn Noodles

Because a friend said that our blog is a failure because all the food is too expensive, we're gonna do a few posts on hawker places to please him.. HERE YOU GO CHOX.

The Star and I have heard about the Pek Kio Market big prawn noodles but we never really planned to try it. One day, The Star, his family and I went to visit his cousin at KK hospital because she just had a pair of beautiful twin girls. So while The Star and I were driving back, we saw a signboard "PEK KIO MARKET" and we were like OH OH OH and we drove there. Hahaha

First thing we did was to search for the prawn noodles. They usually cease operations at 2 pm. When we got there it was 2.15pm already but we decided to try our luck. I was pretty sure we wouldn't get to try the prawn noodles. The auntie told us that they ran out of their famous big prawns and yellow noodles so the best that they can do is to get us a bowl of $5 prawn noodles with small prawns and other types of noodles. We were more than thankful! They're really nice to prepare another bowl for us! YAY




After taking a few sips of the soup, the prawn noodles made its way steadily to the top of my prawn noodles list. It beats Adam Road's and Zion's or anywhere elses' HANDS DOWN. The soup was so savoury. The taste of prawns was really strong and you just can't get enough of the soup. Even though we didn't have the yellow mee (yellow mee is the best noodles because they absorb the soup) but the soup and the fresh prawns more than made up for it.

Another thing about Wah Kee that we love is the Auntie and Uncle that run the stall. They took time to talk to us and told us about the history of their stall. Uncle Wah Kee has been selling prawn noodles for 60 years, can you imagine that. 60 years. He told us about how he gets his fresh prawns and how people usually snap up the big prawns even though they cost $15. The auntie and uncle are really damn nice and we were really thankful that they made us the prawn noodles despite having closed for the day. And they also gave us their namecard and told us to call before we come next time round to ensure that we get the big prawns! Haha awfully nice people.

We also wanted to try the famous Good Spice carrot cake but they were closed. ):
So we got this plate of carrot cake from another stall which wasn't really good. As you can see from the picture, it was like a giant piece of egg with the kueh by the side.


And we just had to get this. It's like a necessity hahah
Half boiled eggs. Everyone loves half boiled eggs right? Haha


So The Star and I were determined to go back there to try the $15 prawn noodles. Here come's a chance! We were at ICA one morning and we decided to go for breakfast at Pek Kio Market. BIG PRAWN NOODLES HERE WE COME! I was damn excited hahaha

Here are the big prawns. THEY ARE REALLY HUGE. The prawns were so succulent and fresh, coupled with the yellow mee and soup, it was definitely one of the best breakfasts I've ever had! And undoubtedly, the best prawn noodles I've ever tasted! Newspaper clippings are all over their stall. That's how famous they are. Uncle Wah Kee came to talk to us again and asked if the prawns were big enough hahaha of course they were!!

We managed to try the Good Spice carrot cake this time round. I had to queue a good 10 minutes for it even though the market wasn't very crowded that morning. The prices are probably the best you can find in Singapore. A plate of delicious carrot cake for $2? It's no wonder that the queue was so long! The stall is operated by an old uncle who's really aged so do support him and try out his famous carrot cake!

Pek Kio Market seems to have quite a few other stalls worth trying. The chicken rice stall had a really really long queue and even though we wanted to try, we were too lazy to battle the queue. Maybe next time.

Time for you to try Wah Kee Big Prawn Noodles and Good Spice Carrot Cake if you haven't done so!!

Pek Kio Market
41 Cambridge Rd


Love, The Sun

Sun's rating of Wah Kee Prawn Noodles : 9/10
Sun's rating of Good Spice Carrot Cake : 8/10

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