Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Skin Lab Medical Spa @ Wheelock

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I popped by Skin Lab at Wheelock for my first ever facial treatment ever. I met with Iris for a short consultation session where she took a brief look at my face and could immediately tell that my skin was dry and had a thick layer of dead cells. And all along, I thought my skin was pretty good.. Haha oh the horror. I was given more information on the different treatments available at Skin Lab. They focus mainly on face-related treatments and procedures but also perform slimming procedures and such. I learnt more about fillers, botox and non-surgical facial modifications too

I was told that I was gonna be doing the Salicylic Acid Peel. And I was, honestly, clueless as to what that was. My therapist, Sheena, who has had 6 years of experience told me that the Salicylic Acid peel evens out skin tone, targets oil control and removes dead cells. I guess that really was what my skin was in desperate need of. Under the harsh bright light was I able to see clearly my facial condition. I've always been blessed with relatively good skin. I don't have acne problems or oily skin. I hardly ever get pimples and my skin is pretty smooth. But under the light, I was able to see brown spots, and blackheads and milia seeds ): When Sheena asked about the skincare products that I use, the shock and horror in her voice in response to how I don't put anything on my face (not even sunblock) was quite amusing haha. She started telling me how daily care is really important for the skin and I guess I know that but I'm so lazy!

 Small, cozy, calming and comfy

So this is me, barefaced, from an unflattering angle. Can you see that my forehead is alot darker than the rest of my face? It isn't the shadow!

Sheena performed a welcome head massage for me before cleansing my face thoroughly. The application of the Salicylic Acid Peel followed and I was given a heads up on the possible tingling and itchy sensation as the peel works its magic on the thick layer of dead cells. In the seven minutes that the peel was on, my cheeks felt the tingling sensation the most and even after Sheena cleaned my face several times to make sure that the peel is completely off, my cheeks remained a little numb. Extraction came after and I was prepared to tear or even cry my eyes out because I'm such a baby when it comes to pain. Luckily for me, the Salicylic Acid Peel softened the blackheads and whiteheads and they came out easily. Sheena would warn me if she thought that it was gonna hurt more and I was always prepared for the worst and I was really surprised that it wasn't that painful at all! I also had my brows plucked before a cold and soothing cream was applied on my face and my face, neck, shoulders and head were given a really good and firm massage. I'm averse to massages. I hate them, and of the four times that I went for massages, I squirmed and wriggled and almost died but this time round, I fell asleep. That was how comfortable it was and of course, I was pleasantly surprised and amazed. And when the most comfortable massage that I've ever had was over, I had a strawberry and pearl mask applied gently on my face. It was super cooling and was left on for 15 minutes, in which I dozed off in bliss.

After everything was cleaned off and some creams and eye serum were applied, Sheena left the room so I could change out of the gown and I spent a couple of minutes staring into the mirror. My dull skin really looked brighter and more vibrant and was smoother than it was before! Couldn't help but smile and be really happy about it! I've heard so much about people experiencing redness on their face after facial treatments and extractions but I didn't even have a red spot on my face! I met my friends for dinner after and they were like "are you sure you went for facial. How come your face not red at all" Immensely impressed by the peel and professionalism of Sheena!


Skin Lab has three outlets in Singapore currently. The first outlet at Wheelock has been around for more than ten years and you can really trust them with your skin! You can find out more about them here : http://skinlabmedspa.com/

Or give them a call today!

Thank you Sheena, Iris and Skin Lab for pampering my face! (:

501 Orchard Road, #04-04, Wheelock Place
Tel: +65 6235 3246

68 Orchard Road, #03-33, Plaza Singapura
Tel: +65 6336 1106
Jurong Point Shopping Centre, #B1-62 
Tel: +65 6316 2246 / +65 6316 2556


Love, K 

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