Sunday, January 11, 2015

Whisk & Paddle

Media Invite

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On a bright and sunny morning, the westie cafehopping crew consisting of @ig_honeybeesweets, @gninethree and @kimberleyyeo made our way down to the far end of Singapore to visit Whisk & Paddle at Punggol

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Whisk & Paddle is a really serene and quiet place to enjoy a good weekend brunch.

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An open space concept that will definitely make a great venue for dinner and drinks but it does get pretty hot in the day

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Iced Latte - $6.50
Some call me a coffee snob but I think I am just slightly more particular about my coffee. It's not easy for me to be impressed, and I was honestly surprised by this cuppa. Says something, doesn't it. Wasn't even expecting it to taste half this good but this really left an impression.

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Macaroni and Cheese - $12.80
Comfort food that I can have anytime, any day, in any weather. Very good proportion of cheese and just savory enough without being overwhelming in flavour. I like that it's not heavy and you don't get sick of it

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Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict - $13
Eggs ben with a twist. Instead of being served with brioche or English muffins, this dish comes with waffles! I felt that the waffles were more on the bland side and could definitely use a little improvement.

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Salted Caramel and Rose Macaron - $2.80/piece
We see so many macarons on the market nowadays. Online bakeries and home bakers are sprouting up with their own renditions of macarons. Honestly, they can look extremely good but they usually don't taste good. It's incredibly difficult to get the texture right. And there are only a few places in Singapore that I would get my macarons from. And this new cafe is actually one of them. The full macaron shells were pretty amazing with a chewy texture, and together with a well-flavoured ganache, this had us going ooohhhh ahhh mmmhhmm. Why must this cafe be so far away again?

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Berries Rose Tart - $7.50
The look of this tart just reminded me so much of the St Honore from Pierre Herme. First thought that came to mind was the resemblance! I didn't take much of this as I don't take berries but I do like the look of it very much and the cream(did you know that I love cream?) was yum

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Passionfruit Tart - $6.50
The tart crust was too thick and too hard to break into. And it was more like a biscuit than a tart crust to me. Other than that, the passionfruit flavour was of the right intensity and I like that the tart comes with a chocolate macaron.

Would definitely make my way back there again someday! Can totally visualise myself having some dessert and cider and just chilling the night away here. Do share with us what your favourite dishes here are!

10 Tebing Lane
Monday - Friday : 3.30pm-10.30pm
Saturday, Sunday, PH : 930am - 1030pm


Love, K

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