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Yaowarat Chinese New Year @ TAO Seafood Asia

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TAO Seafood is one of my favourite restaurants in Singapore and I'm so glad to be back here for their Chinese New Year feast! Yaowarat Road, in Thailand, is a bustling food heaven and Chef Lee and his team have brought five lunar new year classics from Yaowarat (with a TAO twist of course) to diners this year!

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TAO Supreme Prosperity Yusheng - $128 
18 ingredients including abalone, salmon roe and deep-fried fish skin are present in this fruit-centric yusheng. Fried fish skins and nuts are deeply loved by Thai people and they just couldn't be left out. Toss to a sweet year ahead with this fruity yusheng!

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House of Golden Riches Yaowarat Pen Cai - $318 / $488
What sets the pen cai at TAO apart is definitely the soup, the Thai fish maw from Yaowarat and their house green chilli! With all the premium and prized ingredients present, one would think that this is certainly a delicacy. However, no matter how valuable the ingredients are, they are nothing should they be sitting in a bland and tasteless soup, right? The richness and texture of this pen cai is outstanding

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Abundance of Wealth Golden Soon Hock with Mango Slices - $9.80/100g
The farmed marble goby is deep fried, with a perfectly crisp exterior and incredibly soft body. The fish is, then, topped with their very own sauce, mangoes, green apples and onions. The freshness of the fish, together with the sweet and sour sauce and fruity tones rendered this really enjoyable, even for me who's not big on fried fish

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Lap of Luxury Sautéed Prawns with Macadamia Nuts - $32
Just look at those prawns. Huge, juicy, fresh and oh so crunchy. The prawns had a subtle sweetness that is leveled by the taste of the macadamia nuts. I adored the contrast of textures but perhaps the nuts could be chopped into smaller pieces so as not to overpower the prawns that much

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Continuous Successes TAO Thai-Teochew Curry Crab - $6/100g
The highlight at TAO is always, always the crabs. Having been immensely impressed by their white pepper crab the last time round, I had really high expectations of this. The crabs were great. They were fresh, juicy and gigantic but the sauce didn't quite make the mark. I felt that it could have been tastier. And it is missing that "kick". The mantous though, surprised everyone by being so fluffy and it was pure joy sinking my two front teeth into that thin crispy skin. So good, we didn't hesitate when we were asked if we wanted more. I believe some tweaking will be done and this dish will be unforgettable for diners come CNY!

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Oh yes, it's huge.

Most of the dishes are available for takeaway but do note that they require orders to be placed a day or two in advance. TAO Seafood is definitely somewhere I'd recommend for a celebratory lunch or dinner and I'm sure your family and friends would really enjoy the food here!

To read about our previous dining experience at TAO, click HERE

12 Marina View
Asia Square Tower 2
Daily : 1130am - 230pm, 6pm to 10pm


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