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Insadong Korea Town

Media Invite

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Located at Resorts World Sentosa, Insadong Korea Town is possibly the most authentically Korean dining establishment in Singapore. It is a huge project managed by Korean consultants, designed by Korean architects and helmed by Korean chefs. 99% of Insadong, including the floor tiles, are imported from Korea. Needless to say, I was really impressed by the dedication and effort put into the set-up of Insadong. Korean merchandise, from handcrafted souvenirs to local delicacies, are also painstakingly imported and up for sale here.

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A huge space that can accommodate more than 300 diners, Insadong Korea Town is a replica of the famous Insadong Korea Street in Seoul

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You will be greeted by a couple of this self-order kiosks when you step into Insadong. With over 200 dishes to choose from, diners are indeed spoilt for choice! Just order and pay here and pick up your food at the counters!

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We tried about 13 dishes from their immense selection!
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I'm a sucker for Korean rice cakes even though I can't take spicy food at all. The texture of this was really good. Chewy and firm and very addictive!

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Kimchi Pancake
Definitely one of the better Kimchi Pancakes that I have had. I love how the flavours melded well and the taste of kimchi wasn't overpowering

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Ginseng Chicken Soup
A famous Korean delicacy that is a must-have when you visit Korea. The soup comes with a side of evaporated milk which tickled my fancy. The garlic fried rice encased in the chicken was a delightful find and the entire dish was bursting with flavours!

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Xiao Long Bao
Pretty average in my opinion but I'm no xiao long bao fan!

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Definitely one of my favourite dishes! Korean barbecue is one of my favourite things and barbecued meat is my weakness. Coupled with kimchi and soy bean paste, this is my kind of heaven

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Xiao Long Bao in Kimchi Soup
I was really impressed by the richness of the kimchi soup! And as much as I don't like xiaolongbaos, I'll gladly order this dish just for the soup!

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Watermelon Soju
A hot favourite at most Korean joints is the watermelon soju which is also available here!

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Mushroom Beef Bulgogi Hotpot
By the time we got here, I couldn't move anymore. I was too full to function but I really did like this hotpot. Something comforting that you'll crave in cold weather, and the lingering sweetness just got me

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Chef Emily in action!

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Beef Bulgogi Baked Rice
The baked rice was said to taste heavenly when mixed into the bulgogi hotpot. Koreans always have this thing about adding rice into a pan of stuff haha. I didn't think that this was impressive at all though. The entire combination tasted weird to me or perhaps I didn't take to the cheese

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Red Bean Pancake
A thick pancake with semi-sweet red bean filling that's more reflective of a Chinese pancake. 

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This proved to be too much for one. Difficult to tackle but I adored the corn flavoured cone

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Mixed Fruits Shaved Ice
They attempted to make this patpingsu not so sweet but I think that sweetness was almost entirely absent and some of the fruits were too sour, making this less enjoyable than I thought it should have been

It was a pretty amazing experience dining here and it really got me missing my one month stay in Seoul! If you're craving for some truly authentic Korean cuisine, you just can't miss this place! Do share with me your favourite dishes if you've been here!

26 Sentosa Gateway
Daily : 11am-10pm


Love, K

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