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Media Invite

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Long story short, and in three words : Wagyu Beef Buffet

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Chef Naing Ye Guang, one of the men behind Yakiniku Daidomon, leads the kitchen at Tenkaichi which specialises in Wagyu Beef Yakiniku.

Diners can choose from a selection of two barbecue buffets here at Tenkaichi, the Deluxe or the Premium. The Deluxe buffet comes with sashimi, tiger prawns, pork cheek fillets etc and the Premium buffet is a notch higher, bringing Blue Fin Tuna, Giant Scallops, Japan Jumbo Oysters and a range of Wagyu Beef cuts to the table!

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Japan Jumbo Oysters

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Super plump and sweet when barbecued with butter!

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Wagyu Karubi, Rosu, Nakaochi Karubi
Fresh, succulent and just oh so good. You won't stop at just one serving for sure! The quality of the beef here is noteworthy. With a marbling score of 7+, you know you're paying for some serious high grade stuff here!

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Wagyu Tan
Ox tongue might sound scary but it honestly is delish! I first tried it at a Japanese grill restaurant in Taipei and it really left a deep impression! So when I saw it on the menu, I was like yes!!! Hahaha

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Wagyu Beef Yukke 
Essentially steak tartare with a raw egg. Certainly not for the faint hearted but do give it a shot and savour it while its still cold!

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Ton Toro
These pork cheek fillets were really tender and delightful

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These intestines were tough to sever, incredibly chewy and had quite a strong taste to them. Not everyone's cup of tea but I'd recommend trying at least a piece!

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Giant Scallops
It honestly is really difficult to do scallops right. Much less, on our own. So our scallops didn't turn out as well as we hoped but I liked how fat and juicy they were!

This barbecue buffet is seriously very, very value-for-money.

Deluxe buffet : $$39.80++ (Monday-Thursday) $44.80++ (Friday-Sunday)
Premium buffet : $64.80+ (Monday-Thursday) $69.80+ (Friday-Sunday)I mean, where else can you get free flow Wagyu at this price? Not forgetting the buffet comes with sushi, sashimi, chawanmushi, tempura, drinks and icecream too!

Tenkaichi is currently located in Keypoint or City Gate. It took over a Chinese restaurant so the setting isn't quite Japanese and the place is not well-ventilated, leaving patrons smelling like a walking barbecue but they're currently finalising plans to shift to a new location. The fact that we know that we're gonna smell really bad after dinner didn't deter us from enjoying our barbecue buffet to the fullest! Will be back for another round of meat feast definitely!


Love, K

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