Friday, January 22, 2021

Holland Village Cobbler(Outside MRT/Decathlon) - please AVOID bringing expensive footwear here



















I hardly write negative reviews, I always try to support small businesses instead of well known multinational companies, and I love old folks. So it's sad that I have to write this to warn all of you who ever thought of, or are thinking of, going to the cobbler outside Holland Village MRT station.




















So I bought a new pair of Gucci shoes(literally received it 30 minutes before) and I thought maybe I should protect the sole. Option 1) go to a cobbler to get a rubber sole stuck on 2) buy thin stick-on soles online and do it myself

I picked option 1 because I wanted to support the old uncle outside the MRT. I brought the shoes to him and I asked him "hello uncle, this one can add rubber sole? He replied "can". So he took a look at the soles and he said black? So I was like "err". He then picked up a block and started sanding the soles, effectively scratching all the edges away. I WAS SUPER SHOCKED. Because I didn't even ask him to proceed, and he didn't even tell me the price. He just started work. He sanded the sole very roughly, and dropped the shoe onto the floor, before picking the other side up to do the same. He then proceeded to take out a sheet of rubber from his container and measured it against the sole and used a blue pen to draw on the rubber. From the way he was doing it, I was so afraid that he was gonna draw on and scratch the shoe. It was honestly quite hard to watch so I told him very nicely "uncle, I come back for the shoes later. Hmm can you be gentler? The shoes are quite expensive" and he replied "okay". I came back a few minutes later and I saw him using one very shaky hand trying to pour glue out of a can onto a shoe which was on the floor. I thought that the glue was definitely going to get on the sides of the shoes. He told me to return in 15 minutes

In 15 minutes, I returned, and he was reading newspapers. He told me its $32. I got a shock. It sounds expensive even though I'm not sure what regular prices are. But I would have gladly paid for it if he did a good job. I checked the shoes. There were pen marks and glue on the leather, the thick ugly rubber soles were very poorly stuck on, the brand new leather had stretch marks, and there was glue on the original sole. I asked him politely about the marks and he raised his voice and said the "marks are very normal, confirm will have,  they will fade away". 

I was so shocked, and so upset. There's nothing I could do but leave. I can't even begin to tell you how much I regretted going to the cobbler, especially when I didn't even have to get add-on soles at all. I keep beating myself up over it because all these could have been avoided if I just decided to keep the shoes as they were. I haven't even worn it a single time, and it already looks bad. The pen actually tore into the leather, and the marks can't be "erased" or wiped off. I tried toner, and olive oil and vinegar. 

I posted about it on social media and so many people commented on how poorly done the shoes were, and how they're so upset for me. I was even told that I was ripped off, it shouldn't be so expensive. I LEGIT DIDN'T EVEN HAVE A CHANCE TO SAY "NO I DONT WANT". He just started sanding the shoes?!? I was so shocked, I was looking at the soles being destroyed and I didn't know what to say. How could he do that, and how could he not even tell me how much it was, and just expected me to pay for the shitty job that he did to my brand new shoes. UGH

Please avoid the cobbler at all cost, unless you're fixing some cheap shoes that you don't mind being poorly fixed. PLEASE DON'T BRING EXPENSIVE SHOES HERE


  1. It’s so sad. Because the same thing happened to me just 10 mins ago and I googled for reviews afterwards. I don’t have cash on hand and I just happened to chance upon this cobbler so I decided to ask how much it would be to add friction to my shoe. He said he needs to see my shoe so I just lifted up my leg to show him. Then he said I need to take it off for a closer look. Once I took it off he started sanding my shoe and didn’t tell me the price. I asked him again and he said $30. So I said I don’t want uncle too expensive. So he said can la can one just do. And continued sanding my shoe. I know the market rate which is about $5-10, barely $15 and I continued to say it’s expensive. The uncle keep raising his voice at me but I told him politely, uncle I never say I want to do. Then he said very cheap already if u go elsewhere you will be hacked. Funny thing is I was considering to throw away this pair of shoes because I could easier get the same new pair, around the same price as he was charging me. So I told him this and he just said, cannot like that say one. So I ask him then how to say? And he didn’t reply me. Anyways, i managed to cut the price till $20 and because I had no cash, the uncle walked me to the mrt atm. Because the machine was not working he walked me across the street and waited right beside me so I can pass him the money after. I felt cheated, not because I couldn’t spare him the money. But because he was raising the voice and kept polishing my shoes though I said no. After which, my friend went to tell him business cannot like that do one. And then he stood up and shouted at us the whole while. I tried to explain it’s not about how cheap it is because that’s all he’s repeating, but the consent that I never said yes. I’ll be happy to pay the $20 if it was done well. I have OCD and the rubbers were cut and glued unevenly.... it’s sad. And I dk what to feel because I know he’s old. But business can’t be done like that.

  2. OMG I'm so sorry to hear about your experience! ): The uncle is really damn unethical. He just bullies his customers. And because I was alone, and I'm super non confrontational, I didn't even stand up for myself and he still shouted at me when I asked him about the pen marks and tear in the leather. I told him the shoes are more than $1k and he still shouted "I KNOW!" at me. I never felt so sad and bullied in my life. So sorry that you went through this bad experience too ): I'm so angry for you ugh!!! We both were definitely cheated by him!

  3. I have the same experience as you with this cobbler!!! I totally feel you. I still feel so upset thinking of my expensive shoes now. He does a really bad job and he ripped me off.

  4. So sorry that you went through this as well ): It really irks me that he lied about the prices in the video on mothership, and the way he talked about how he could only do his best. Pretty sure he wasn't doing his best when he was pouring glue with one shaky hand on the slanted shoe lying on the floor, while holding a cigarette in his other hand. Such bullshit!!! And SO UNETHICAL UGH

  5. Omg same thing just happened to me, he just started gluing my shoe when I was just asking him about the price, and spilled glue all over the shoe which can no longer be removed. He even hammered in a nail not sure what for... somehow I had to pay him for the privilege of having my shoe ruined

    1. UGH so sorry that you went through this as well. REALLY SUPER UNETHICAL THIS UNCLE. And I hate how the news outlets brought him so much publicity, and yet he still insists on carrying out his business in such a manner. It's not like I want to tear him down, but he should be running his business honestly, that's just the very least that he can do.


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