Friday, July 15, 2011

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I have always loved the Dimsum here. But being not very well-versed in the art of chinese, I never knew how to pronounce the name of the shop. I always called it THE LORONG 17 DIMSUM place. Till The Star brought me there for breakfast at 7am one morning and taught me that the name of the shop is actually pronounced as "One Two Six" although its actually in Canto. Pretty cool huh. Okay, don't laugh at me thanks.

Anyway my favourite has gotta be the crabmeat chee cheong fun! I love the sauce, though some may find it salty, but it's special and I really like it. Although I have to say that the crabmeat is so little that you can hardly taste it. Haha I always eat the same few things when I'm there. The crab chee cheong fun, the fu pi juan (beancurd skin roll- I LOVE FU PI JUAN!), hargao and scallop porridge. Somehow you just can't get sick of dimsum, right? Or am I the only one that feels this way? Haha. Anyway, we ate damn alot that morning. Like The Star had century egg porridge and we shared all the above plus siewmai! It's no wonder how we put on weight like it's free.

We went to Geylang another night cause The Star wanted to eat beef hor fun. And I randomly just said that I felt like eating dimsum and he immediately drove over to 126 and we had a hearty meal <: What a sweetie right hahaha

Although the food's pretty good, I will like to comment that the service staff aren't very friendly and some are pretty rude. But thankfully now that there's The Star to do the ordering, I won't have to communicate ineffectively with the service staff anymore. Haha. Anyway before I left that morning, I saw doughnuts on a tray for sale. I contemplated but didn't get one in the end. They looked good.. I've gotta go back soon, have got a dimsum craving right this moment!

Love, The Sun

Sun's rating of 126 : 7.5/10

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