Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sunset Grill and Bar

Sunset grill and bar was where i brought The Sun for our first actual outing together. I wanted to impress her with a place where she has never been to. Situated away from the bustling city and surrounded by planes hangers, i felt it would be a good place. We arrived there at around 6.30pm, which was the perfect timing as you can watch how the sky changes and enjoy the view of the amber dusk scenery. Once the sky darkens, the mini light bulbs hanging all around the restaurant lit up to create another sort of ambience for the place.

Fish and Chips

Apple sauce pork chop

Level 1 buffalo wings

Sunset grill and bar is also known for their mega spicy buffalo wings. The spiciness level ranges from 1-10 on the menu but it actually goes all the way up till level 30! Definitely not for the faint hearted. You have to request for levels beyond 10. And if you do take up the challenge of the level 30 wings and finish it, you get to have your name up their hall of fame!

Both the sun and i ordered level 1 wings, and our tongues were stung pretty badly! One word of advice, if you are there on a first date, avoid attempting too high a level, otherwise you'll be sweating like a pig from the spiciness.

Overall, the food were very average and not cheap. But the alfresco dining and scenery kind of made up for it. Nice place to have a first date dinner with the novelty factor but not a place i would return frequently for the food.

★ ★ rating of food : 5/10
★ ★ rating of place: 7.5/10

★ ★

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