Monday, July 25, 2011

Tai Hwa Bar Chor Mee

The Star brought me to Crawford Court one evening to try the BEST bar chor mee in Singapore(supposedly)

Apparently, they have been around for a really really long time and they are pretty famous! There was an almost constant queue when we were there on a Sunday evening. The Star queued for pretty long for two bowls of BCM


I quite like the BCM except that there was just a tad too much vinegar. The Star cleaned his bowl nice and sparkly while I left a few strands of noodles because those at the bottom were too vinegar-soaked for my tastebuds to handle.

He insists that I have to post a picture of my leftover noodles. Sorry if it spoils your appetite haha

Ohyes and this is the horrible tasting ice lemon tea that I did not take another sip of.

If you're a fervent BCM lover, you've gotta try this place out! I always thought I prefer Meng's Kitchen BCM until I went back there a few days later and realised that Meng's standard has dropped and now pales in comparison. Let's just hope it was an off-day for Meng's and that they wouldn't disappoint me again when I return. Anyway speaking of BCM, the Bedok 85's famous BCM has presented my tastebuds with an alternative and delightful form of BCM. Interesting and like i said, delightful! Nothing better to do on a Sunday? Go on a BCM food hunt my friends! PEACE

Love, The Sun

Sun's rating of the BCM : 8/10

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