Saturday, July 23, 2011

District 10

The Star wanted to bring me to Perla's but unfortunately it was under renovation when we got there. He always insists on bringing me to places that I've never been to so he can happily say that he's the first to bring me to that place. Haha very irritating but definitely sweet <: So he went through his extensive list of food places to decide where to bring me. He takes note of which places I've never been to before and I must say that that's really very thoughtful and sweet of him [: It was decided that we head to District 10 to try out their desserts. District 10 is located at Winstedt road, near Newton. It can be quite difficult to get there because the roads there are all one-way lanes and you can only enter from a specific road. Anyway, I quite like the place. It was pretty chill and there were pretty lights! I like pretty lights haha

There was an indoor dining area but we chose to sit outdoors. Although it was too dark for my liking but I like how the atmosphere was pretty laid back. The Star and I got a Chocolate Godzilla or something if I didn't get the name wrongly. It was like a platter with a few chocolatey desserts. It was nowhere near impressive at all and I would definitely not go back there for their desserts. I've not tried their main courses and such so I wouldn't know if they are worth a try. Maybe someday I'll head back there for their signature dishes

I'll recommend this place if you're looking for somewhere chill to unwind or a place for drinks with friends.

Love, The Sun

Sun's rating of the dessert : 5/10
Sun's rating of the place: 7/10

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