Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Graze at Martin Road

Family day! it was the sun and i's first family day with Waffles (W). Once again we had an event filled day planned and started off on a gloomy, yes unfortunately, saturday for brunch at Graze @ martin road. Planning was of cos done by yours truly, the sun's only job is to eat and have fun! haha.

anyway, graze @ martin road is relatively new when i went there 1 month plus back. They have another outlet which is more well known at Rochester park. Equally nice i heard. I'm never a fan of crowd, and knowing how many singaporeans are brunch crazy these days, it was a no brainer, i opted for the less known outlet at martin road.

if you have a gps with you, getting there is not a big problem. The place is easy spot just by the side of the road together with the other 2 restaurants side by side, The Provision and Kha. Free parking is also available on a small lane next to the restaurant. However, that space might not be free once whatever they are building at the end of the lane is completed.

Upon reaching there, we were greeted by the warm service crew. As we had W with us, we can only choose the outdoor dinning, which is a pity really. It was beautiful inside as you will see later.

Brunch menu which also acted as table setting

Sad W with his newly groomed look. Graze even provided the drinking bowl and some cute looking dog snacks for him! plus points for extra service.

The sun ordered a cup of hot chocolate as her drink , which according to her wasn't good as they use cocoa powder and not real chocolate. You can trust her when it comes to chocolate. The food was overall pretty good. i enjoyed my Graze burger with its succulent patty and mash potatoes. While the sun, gobbled up her signature cast iron pan which is the restaurant's signature dish for brunch. There were sausages , potatoes, scrambled and poached eggs, bacon, baked beans . . . plentiful and delicious to fill one's tummy for a long time. i did help her finish some of it. haha.

Signature cast iron pan and Graze burger

Graze burger

While sitting outside, we couldn't help but be envious of those dining in the warm and cosy setting of the restaurant inside. Its easier to impress and wow me with a beautifully designed place than with marvelous tasting food. I know what is considered tasty and what is considered not, but above a certain standard, food just taste good to me. My tongue is not calibrated to such precision. So the food at Graze was good, but the layout of the restaurant was even more impressive.

main dining area.

a bar - like table good for bigger gatherings

Cakes and pastries

Cakes, pastries and tea side.

some spices, sauces and stuff you can purchase

cute looking vintage fridge which i fell in love with. i have no idea what they put inside.

a feature wall with teas and cookies available for purchase.


besides being particular about food and place, i'm always curious to see how some restaurant's toilet looks like. For me there's 3 grades of washrooms.
3- yucks, dont even wanna step in
2- its alright, i can do my business comfortably and then leave
1- i wouldn't mind spending another 5mins of my time here

And for Graze, it was a grey and black coloured themed toilet that is simple and nice. Grade 1.

Overall, i like the food, love the place and the price is typical of a brunch you would find most at places these days. Nice, should find a chance to revisit it.

★ ★ rating of Graze: 8.5/10

★ ★

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