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17 Must Eats in Taipei - The Best Food You Can't Miss!

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Two weeks in Taipei saw me put on a few pounds but its true that you just can't stop eating because everything looks and tastes so good! So here's a short guide to the must eats in Taipei!

1) 18 Cafe
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Beef noodles are a necessity in this beautiful city and we're so glad that we made a trip to 18 Cafe for their award-winning beef noodles that are apparently ranked number one in Taipei! 260NT for beef noodles is definitely pricey but this bowl of pure goodness justifies its price tag!

No. 55, Section 1
Anhe Rd
Taiwan 106

2) Mala Yuanyang Hotpot
photo P6073362.jpg
This is hands down the BEST steamboat I've ever had, in my life. Not only are the ingredients of top quality and super fresh, the variety is huge and there is also free flow of beer, Haagen Dazs icecream(8 flavours including my favourite cappuccino truffle!) and Movenpick icecream! We had the mala and ginseng chicken soup bases and even wang zi mian (instant noodles) tasted really yummy! Haha the whole dining experience was pretty awesome and service was quite commendable. We really feasted like kings and had countless racks of Angus beef! Only 598NT for this and I can do this again and again and again! Don't forget to make a reservation!

No. 62, SiNing S. Road
2nd Floor, Taipei 

3) Lao Dong Beef Noodles
photo P6063160.jpg
Our friends brought us here for our very first meal in Taipei! Supposedly the second best beef noodles in Taipei, this delicious bowl of tasty broth, chewy noodles and tender beef cubes certainly lived up to its reputation! 140NT for this!

4) Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake
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Food blogger My Food Sirens told me that I have to get my hands on the famous Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake! X and I went there around evening time and we started queuing for it. We were so excited to get home and share this with our flatmates! Soft and light cheesecake with a great texture!

5) Ah Zong Mian Xian
photo P6143961.jpg

photo P6143967.jpg
The super famous Ah Zong Mian Xian in Xi Men Ding has a perpetual queue! Its not at all surprising because the vermicelli with intestines was really yummy! And I don't even like vermicelli to begin with. You can choose from two sizes and they cost 45NT or 60NT. The chilli was super spicy though but it was pretty good so I bought two bottles(120NT each) back for my family!

6) Qingtian 76
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This 80 year old Japanese style residence was restored to its former glory and is now a restaurant and an educational centre. With private rooms to boot, there is a sense of exclusivity dining here.

photo P6154025.jpg
The food here isn't fantastic and it's pretty expensive but I guess the experience of dining in a heritage site warrants a visit

No. 6, Lane 7, QingTian Street
Da an District

7) Kan Pai
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Kan Pai is a Japanese charcoal grill bar that serves up fresh and good quality meat!

photo P6164176.jpg
We had beef tongue, beef belly, butter scallops, shrimps and two plates of Australian Beef!

photo P6164180.jpg
This meal cost us 1690NT but we really enjoyed every bit of it! If you're adventurous and don't mind making out with your friends for a picture, you might be rewarded by the staff!

No. 17, Lane 236, Section 1
Dunhua South Rd
Taiwan 106

8) Creative Pasta
photo P6093480.jpg
As the name suggests, the menu here is extremely creative. With the widest selection of pastas I've ever seen, everyone had a tough time deciding what to have. I went with the Creamy Tomato pasta which was honestly, a winner. The rest had a variety and I thought the crab pasta and the mustard chicken ones were really good too! If you're a fan of pasta, I strongly recommend that you drop by this diner!

No. 34, Ln. 46, Dazhi St.
Zhongshan Dist

9) Hu Xu Zhang 
photo P6113584.jpg

photo P6113590.jpg
X and I had dinner here after making a trip to Wu Fen Pu. Lu Rou Fan (braised meat with rice) is a commonly and frequently consumed dish by the Taiwanese. Don't belittle this seemingly unimpressive dish! The braised pork slices were flavourful and this was a simple delight. We also had the Gong Wan Tang (Meatball soup ) and red bean soup

10) Taiwan Pizza (oyster omelette) 
(Shi Da Night Market)

photo P6083441.jpg

photo P6083446.jpg

11) Fried Chicken
(Shi Da Night Market)
photo P6083443.jpg

photo P6083455.jpg
Better fried chicken than Hao Da Da Ji Pai!

12) Niu Mo Wang
(Shi Da Night Market)
photo P6194977.jpg
Extremely value-for-money and satisfying!

13) Black Pork Sausage
(Raohe Night Market)
photo P6113537.jpg
Black pork sausage with garlic cloves. Highly addictive and a must try!

14) Ji Tui Juan
(Raohe Night Market)

photo P6113540.jpg

photo P6113544.jpg
You'll crave for this every single day after you've tried it so please do yourself a favour and get a few! Haha

15) Fried Yam Ball
(Raohe Night Market)
photo P6113550.jpg

photo P6113552.jpg
We picked the fried yam ball with salted egg yolk! Quite an interesting mix of flavours!

16) Grilled Mushrooms
(Raohe Night Market)
photo P6113559.jpg

photo P6113567.jpg
Grilled mushrooms with seaweed! They have quite alot of flavours but I wasn't able to read the menu so I just picked this with the help of two Taiwanese ladies hahaha. The mushrooms were super juicy and soft!

17) Cheese Potato
(Shilin Night Market)
photo P6154137.jpg
Shilin Night Market is probably the most famous night market in Taipei but having tried a number of their street snacks, I honestly don't think that they have the best food! Or maybe, I just didn't try the right things. But here's a must try at Shilin!

photo P6154145.jpg
Fried potato drenched in cheese and covered with generous amounts of toppings! So good!

I miss Taipei so much! The food is really super awesome. I seriously can't wait to go back there again! Not a very comprehensive post but hope this little guide helps you on your holiday! [:

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Love, K


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