Thursday, October 29, 2015

Photoshoot for Yomeishu

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Did a photoshoot for Yomeishu in July with Edmund Chen and a bunch of really awesomely photogenic people. If you don't know, I'm incredibly awkward and camera shy and it took alot of convincing before I finally decided to try this out. I was so scared and so nervous. It's like you know all the people who do photoshoots are really goodlooking, have rocking good bodies and stuff and I'm none of that. Can't tell you how much I was freaking out omg I still can't believe it happened

 photo DSC05668.jpg
Here are a couple of raw photos from the shoot. It helped that Edmund was super funny and playful and he kept making me laugh so I didn't look like a dead block of wood half the time.

 photo DSC05680.jpg

 photo DSC05683.jpg

 photo DSC05691.jpg

 photo DSC05694.jpg

 photo DSC05763.jpg

 photo DSC05909.jpg
The shoot took a couple of hours and I was so tired after. I crashed before 9pm hahahaha eh its very tiring to keep smiling and trying to pose okay haha. It was really fun actually and I'm so thankful for the entire crew. From the make-up artists to the photographer and his wife to the team from Yomeishu to the director and of course, to the great people (Cindy, Royston, Shirley, Edmund) whom I had the good fortune of working with. 

I'm really so thankful for this opportunity! Thank you everyone!!! Anyway, can you believe that Edmund is 54??? He seriously looks super young. He attributes it to the consumption of Yomeishu daily for more than 20 years. I hope I look this young when I'm fifty four!


Love, K

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