Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Sugarhall @ Amoy Street

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Sausages have never tasted this good. First and foremost, it's an astounding feat to be churning out your own sausages in house and secondly, it's definitely not an easy feat making them this delish. The House-made Sausages ($32) at Sugarhall really left an impression. Taste wise, texture wise and looks wise, these sausages aced them all.

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Sugarhall is the first rum-focused restaurant, possessing the largest collection of rums, in Singapore. With more than 100 types of rums sourced from all over the world, rum-fanatics mustn't miss this casual and fun dining establishment that has a list of unique cocktails that will prove to please even the most selective drinkers.

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Burnt Pineapple Julep
I'm a whiskey girl and this is the first time that I'm having whiskey with pineapple and I have to applaud the brilliant mind behind this wonderful pairing. The freshly roasted pineapple juice added a hint of sweetness and brought out the oaky flavours of the Monkey Shoulder. What a novel and totally clever creation!

 photo P9128823.jpgHokkaido Scallops - $18
These scallops were buttery, but that's about it. They were flat and lacked that juiciness and burst of sweetness that I love about Hokkaido Scallops.

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Bone Marrow - $18
Homemade bread is always a highlight for me, because I really really love bread. However, the homemade brioche at Sugarhall didn't stand out that much, not because it wasn't yummy but because the bone marrow completely stole the limelight. The bone marrow with oxtail was so buttery, soft and fantastically tasty! That onion marmalade injected a light sweetness to the mix and the entire combination was just a winner. Highly recommended!

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Tasting of Beef - $76
For $76, you get a 120gram of three different cuts of beef. The grain-fed Angus black onyx (Australia) sirloin,  grass-fed John Stone (Ireland) 21-day dry aged rib eye and John Stone (Ireland) 21-day dry aged tenderloin. I thought the price was a little steep, because I could easily finish this entire plate on my own but I guess for a place where cocktails are going at $20 odd, the pricing is still reasonable. The ribeye was tough and chewy and didn't sit well with most of all but the tenderloin was a delightful surprise. It's difficult to find a tenderloin that's executed this well and all of us were full of praise for it.

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Whole Spring Chicken - $32
If there is only one thing that I can recommend here, it will definitely be the spring chicken. This was seriously, so good. The chicken was surprisingly juicy and tender, decked out in a thin but lightly crisp skin. That cucumber yogurt dip was also refreshing and a faultless match with the succulent poultry.

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Foie Gras Profiterole - $18
How is it possible that someone has made foie gras icecream and incorporated it into a dessert? I was so wowed by this creation and couldn't stop wondering what actually inspired the chef to come up with this. I love the foie gras icecream, which wasn't overwhelming in taste and that light caramel sauce gave a desirable little sweet kick. My only gripe would be the choux pastry which were almost too soft. Still, this unbelievable marriage definitely warrants a try

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Pumpkin Creme Brulee - $12
Pretty much your good old creme brulee with a dash of Jamaican rum and a topping of pumpkin chips. A decently sweet finish

Whether you're here for dinner or a couple of drinks, you can always expect a great night grooving to vintage Latin and old school classics at Sugarhall

*This was a media tasting

102 Amoy Street
Singapore 069922
Monday - Saturday : 530pm - 12am


Love, K

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