Sunday, October 18, 2015

#TrySomethingNew @ Nando's

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Nando's has 11 outlets in Singapore and they're always packed during meal times. So if you frequent Nando's or are in love with their PERI PERI sauce, you'll definitely be more than pleased to know that Nando's has launched twenty new items! I visited the two-storey outlet at Junction 8, which is fully furnished with furniture, artwork and crockery from Africa. Great vibes, spacious venue, and a wonderful destination for an after-work gathering.

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Nandoca's Choice Burger - $16.90 - $19.90
The proud creation of the employees at Nando's is the Nandoca's Choice Burger which comes with a premium-cut PERI-PERI chicken breast, crunchy coleslaw and toasted garlic buns. On the first glance, the chicken looked dry and unimpressive but it was very juicy and surprisingly tender. Definitely the highlight of the night and undoubtedly my favourite dish of the lot.

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Chicken Pita - $11.90 - $14.90
While I understand that this is supposed to be a healthier and more nutritious option that the others, there was just too much vegetables in this, for me. The chicken breast strips were a little dry and tough and the creamy whip was not as tasty as the other sauces. Go for this only if you're really looking for a guilt-free dish. Also, I opted for the Lemon and Herb sauce (as I really can't take spicy food) and it comes with a tag that says " Not so Brave!" HOW RUDE HAHA. Alright, I'll admit I'm really not a brave soul hahaha

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Chicken Wrap - $11.90 - $14.90
Here's another one for those seeking healthier alternatives. You get chicken chunks, chilli jam, lettuce and yogurt sauce. Pretty much a low fat, low-oil wholesome option.

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Nando's Steak Burger - $16.90 - $19.90
With a great portion of fresh vegetables and a basted beef fillet, the steak burger was pretty decent for its price tag. What I adored, especially, was the homemade PERInaise sauce which is a careful mix of Nando's famous PERI-PERI sauce and their house made mayonnaise.

Will definitely be back for the Nandoca's Choice Burger and the Nando's Steak Burger! All burgers, pitas and wraps can be purchased on their own or with side dishes. They recommend the corn and wedges for sides!

* This was a media tasting

Junction 8 Shopping Centre
Singapore 579837
Daily : 10am - 10pm


Love, K

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