Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tomahawk Special @ Long Bar Steakhouse (Raffles Hotel)

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This beauty here is the Tomahawk, a massive ribeye steak weighing 1.7kg that is directly airflown from Australian. Simply put, it is a piece of work that will exceed all your expectations. The Angus grain-fed Tomahawk has been specially chosen to be on the menu for for the month of October so be sure not to miss it!

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Chef de Cuisine Kenny Chun, beaming brightly as he showcases the Tomahawk

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The meal started with the arrival of some freshly baked bread that I ate too much of. The one on the right had a light curry flavour which was really unique

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Long Bar Steakhouse Sampler - Seared Scallop
Cooked to perfection, the juicy scallop was delightfully flavourful and enchantingly sweet. One is seriously not enough. You better take your time to savour this one!

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Long Bar Steakhouse Sampler - Scottish Smoked Salmon
Nothing fancy, just a good old palate-pleaser.

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Long Bar Steakhouse Sampler - Dungeness Crab Cake
Frankly, this is the best crab cake that I've had to date. It's just not easy to find good crab cakes in Singapore. I was far too eager and excited to try this and I had such high hopes for it. Fortunately, and thankfully, it did not disappoint one bit. You can really taste the juicy and firm crab meat that sits nicely within the thin crisp walls. So good, really.

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The star and obvious highlight of the night, the two-inches thick Tomahawk is lightly seasoned with salt and pepper before it goes on the grill for a total of ten minutes. It is then sent into a convection oven before a short stay in a pizza oven. This elaborate cooking procedure ensures that the Tomahawk emerges with a juicy medium rare centre and a superb outer crust.

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The steak feeds two to three diners nicely and it comes with French Fries with Truffle Salt, Sauteed Broccolini and Macaroni"Zita" with Comte Cheese ($265).
It's an uphill task and astoundingly difficult feat to execute the Tomahawk flawlessly. Its thickness proves to be a challenge as I felt that some parts of the steak was a little too cooked for my liking. However, the Tomahawk's melt-in-the-mouth texture and juiciness were nothing short of amazing. Coupled with delectable sides, impeccable service and a few glasses of premium red wine, I can promise you that your night at Long Bar Steakhouse will certainly be a memorable one.

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As much as the cheesecake was a pleasant treat, it is a little too heavy and dense for me.

I had such a good time at Long Bar Steakhouse. I loved the ambience and it's a really great dinner venue, especially for special occasions. Do ring them up to check if the Tomahawk Special is still on the menu before heading down!

*This was a media tasting

Raffles Hotel 
1 Beach Road , #02-00 
Singapore 189673


Love, K

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