Thursday, November 12, 2020

Menbaka - Kyoto's Famous Fire Ramen Opens First Overseas Outlet at Cineleisure on 24 Nov!

Have you tried the world's first fire ramen? I did, a few years ago, at Menbakaichidai めん馬鹿一代, in Kyoto, and it was definitely one of the most unique, fun, and engaging dining experiences I've ever had!

Now, Menbaka is opening their first overseas outlet in Singapore on 24 November, at Cineleisure!

photo Menbakaichidai Kyoto 2.jpg
The famous Master Masamichi Miyazawa !

KYOTO - The small ramen shop in Kyoto seats about 10 and you can tell that the patrons are mostly tourists. Before you enter, the server will ask you which country you are from. Once you take your seat, there are a bunch of instructions for you to read and follow - no leaving of your seat, no snapping of pictures etc. They will take your phone and video the entire process down for you. It's pretty cool, it's like reality tv! I had a really memorable dining experience here as the boss was really fun and humourous. He tied my fringe for me and insisted that we take funny pictures while attempting to stick noodles up our nose with our mouths wide open.
photo Menbakaichidai Kyoto.jpg

photo Menbakaichidai Kyoto 3.jpg
All the phones ready and prepped to capture the entire "flaming process"

photo Menbakaichidai Kyoto 4.jpg 
Once the ramen was served, everyone was told to lean back in their seats and that's when the show began. The boss poured flaming negi oil onto the green onion broth and the fire was HUGE! Despite leaning really far back in my seat, I could still feel the heat on my face! It might be gimmicky but the ramen was actually quite tasty! 

photo Menbakaichidai Kyoto 6.jpg

photo Menbakaichidai Kyoto 7.jpg

photo Menbakaichidai Kyoto 5.jpg

SINGAPORE - There will be 3 different types of ramen available at Menbaka — signature Shoyu Fire Ramen, Vegetarian Fire Ramen, and a Singapore-exclusive Tonkotsu Fire Ramen

I think it's really smart that they've created a tonkotsu ramen for Singapore because Singaporeans sure love their tonkotsu ramen! The queue is definitely going to be crazy, so come prepared!

Cineleisure Orchard
8 Grange Road, #05-03
Singapore 239695

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