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Yoruton Ramen @ Chabuton

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Amidst the numerous ramen chains that have expanded to our shores, Chabuton Ramen has prided itself in offering specialty ramen, exploring the endless possibilities that the simple Japanese noodle dish can take on

Chabuton has launched its latest Yoruton Ramen congruent to the opening of their fourth outlet at Millenia Walk. The first-ever ramen chef to earn a Michelin star, Chef Yasuji Morizumi has created this particular ramen with five levels of spiciness to cater to the Singaporean taste bud. At $12.90, the ramen is priced lower than most of the ramen in the market

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Kicking off the launch of the Yoruton Ramen was a ramen challenge in which five contestants were pitted against one another to see who could finish the Yoruton Ramen at the highest level of spiciness - tongue-torching and nose-watering in those exact words as described by Chabuton. Winners of the challenge walked away with amazing prices and you could too! An order of the ramen accords you a stamp on a loyalty card and accumulating five stamps will earn you a cash voucher reward with a chance to win an iPhone 6 plus in their Grand Lucky Draw!

The tasting started off with the Level 1 Yoruton Ramen amidst nuggets of finger food such as chicken karaage and calamari. With having close to no chilli present, the Level 1 was of course, the most authentic, possessing most of the original flavour of the ramen soup. Doused with copious amounts of sesame seeds and spring onions, there was an inherent nutty taste in the soup.

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The heat was still manageable for me when we hit Level 3. Level 5 soon came along and what marked the difference between the levels of spiciness was the amount of chopped chillies and pepper. Most of the table could not stomach the heat from the chillies but it was still reasonable enough for me. However, the taste of chillies overpowered the taste of the ramen and it was more like a mouth-numbing bowl of ramen with no obvious taste of the original soup. Perhaps a richer tasting soup would be able to mitigate the effects of the spiciness.

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The accompanying pork belly slice was a tad too thin and the familiar shoyu tamago, which I think is available as an add-on, was missing. The stewed pork belly was the highlight for me as the unctuous melt-in-you-mouth texture was irresistible.

 photo IMG_9859.jpegSide dishes such as Fried Oysters and Gyozas are available to complement your main ramen dishes as well. While the idea of a spicy ramen dedicated to the local taste bud sounds amazing, too much of spiciness does erode a ramen of its original flavour. However, if you're looking for a hearty bowl of ramen on a cold rainy day, the Yoruton Ramen might just be your cup of tea. Just watch out for the spiciness level!

Millenia Walk, 9 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039596
Daily : 10am - 10pm

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