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Chuan Wang Ji @ Santa Grand Hotel (East Coast)

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Chuan Wang Ji is just a couple of weeks old but they have already garnered a loyal following who come by specially for their spicy Sze Chuan dishes. The first thought that comes to mind when one mentions Sze Chuan food is probably the crazy levels of spiciness present in every dish. Little do we know that there are actually dishes that do not employ the use of hot spices. Most of the spices used in the preparation of the food are imported from China, heightening the authenticity of the cuisine served here

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Hot & Sour Fern Root Noodles - $8.80
This was sour and spicy. The perfect way to open up your appetite but as much as it was really good, it was too spicy for me. I went against my better judgement of having a couple more mouthfuls as it was really addictive, only to down two full glasses of water right after hahaha

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Fish Fillet in Chilli Oil and Sauce - $32
This looks like my ultimate nightmare. Topped with the most insane amount of chilli I've ever encountered, I expected this dish to burn all the way to my stomach. But luckily for me, the fresh and soft fish fillet wasn't too harsh and I was quite able to finish my fair share without much difficulty

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Sze Chuan Gong Bao Prawns - $28
Crunchy fresh prawns in a slightly sweet and spicy sauce that had its flavours enhanced by the contrasting taste of nuts

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Stewed Spare Rib in Red Sago Chinese Wine Sauce - $12/person
That sauce was the perfect blend of flavours and together with a fork-tender melt-in-your-mouth spare rib, this was undeniably one of my favourites that afternoon. One thing though, was that while one side of the rib possessed a significant amount of fat, that I really enjoyed, and very tender meat, the other side seemed to be tougher and a little unevenly cooked. Also, that little homemade fried bun was an absolute delight when paired with the brilliantly concocted sauce!

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Braised Fillet of Cod with Egg White Sauce - $18/person
This was another dish that received nothing but praises. The fillet of cod was so well-executed, so fresh and so clean-tasting. It's a tad salty on its own but the egg white sauce balances that out and adds a bouncy texture to the soft fish.  

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Wok-Fried Chicken with Red and Green Chilli - $22
This was INSANE. Crazy spicy. Definitely not the dish for me but if you're a huge fan of spicy food, you might enjoy this. The wonderful thing about these spicy Sze Chuan dishes is that while they leave a tingling and numbing sensation in your mouths, these sensations don't travel down your throat or burn your stomach. So don't worry about the extreme spiciness damaging your stomachs!

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Chuan Wang Ji Seafood Fried Rice - $24
Fried rice is one of the simplest and perhaps fastest dishes to whip up but an awesome plate of fried rice is by no means easy to produce. And this, my friends, has to be one of the best fried rice I've ever tasted. Not a single grain of rice that was too hard, flavoured uniformly throughout and very aromatic. It's no surprise that this is their signature and one of the bestsellers!

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Stir Fried Crab with Fragrant Sze Chuan Chilli - Seasonal Price
This looks like its gonna be a literal explosion of pure spiciness and it was definitely so for me. I was completely knocked out in a bite. If you love a challenge, this is it.

Patrons can tailor all the spicy dishes to their preference. Have them mildly, moderately or very spicy. The good people at Chuan Wang Ji will be more than happy to accede to your requests and should you require any recommendations, don't hesitate to ask the friendly servers!

*This was a media preview

Santa Grand Hotel
171 East Coast Road
Singapore 428877
Tuesday - Saturday : 1130am - 230pm, 5pm - 11pm


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