Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Journey with Yomeishu

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When I was first spurred on by Kimberley to give a herbal liqueur a try, I was wondering if there was a new product in town. Growing up with the folks had me quite accustomed and familiar with the various kinds of herbal liqueurs in the market. Yet, like many in our generation, we steered away, or at least I did, from these herbal liqueurs as the appeal wasn’t there. They come across as something for the older generation, not as trendy as the various forms of alcohol close to our hearts. However, I didn’t see that I had anything to lose, especially now that the draining university examinations were over

 photo Image2.jpegUpon receiving the bottle of Yomeishu, the red, black and yellow packaging and that distinct small plastic cup felt oddly familiar. As the initial description of Yomeishu implies, it is a wine-based liqueur made from more than 10 types of herbs. The description left me pretty lost as I only recognised the words 'cinnamon' and 'ginseng'.

After being briefed on what Yomeishu could offer, the benefits seemed pretty appropriate for someone who has been through periods of deteriorating health. Yomeishu is supposed to improve blood circulation and tackle fatigue, gastrointestinal, appetite issues and more. The listed benefits seemed enticing enough. However, a mental apprehensiveness stemmed from how unpleasant it might taste. Well, after those nights out ingesting various combinations of foul-tasting alcohol, how bad could it get?

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Containing 14% alcohol, similar to that of wines, the colour of the liquid was similar to that of the bottle, an extremely dark brown and the smell had a distinct sweet undertone which helped increase it’s appeal. Dosages were listed on the packaging and the prescribed dosage was 20ml, three times daily before meals or bedtime. The accurate measurement is aided by the little plastic transparent cup. Growing up had me being prescribed the worst of Chinese medicine, which gave me quite the threshold for abhorrent liquids, so I just downed whatever was sitting in the plastic cup. And I surprised myself when I actually enjoyed it! The taste of cinnamon was well-defined and there wasn't any trace of a horrible aftertaste as I had expected. If i could liken the process to something, it would be that of shooting a shot of J├Ągermeister, except that Yomeishu was much, much nicer.

As with all alcohol-based liqueurs, there was an underlying fuzzy warmth which lasted for awhile. The fatigue-inducing nature of alcohol was not present. I understood that Yomeishu is not a miracle drug and its effects can only be observed after a period of regular consumption


After a month of taking it religiously, I'm pleased to report that I feel more energetic everyday. Something akin to a renewed vigour! I feel perkier and more attentive too

I guess we really never know it until we try it. My initial perception of Yomeishu being a drink meant for the older people has now changed. Yomeishu is a nourishing tonic suitable for anyone and everyone. Especially for those with poor appetite, constant lethargy or weak metabolism. If you're looking to improve the overall wellness of your health and body, you might wanna give Yomeishu a shot! A 1-litre bottle costs around $70 and is available at most leading supermarkets

*This post is brought to you by Yomeishu


Love, Royston


  1. I have kept 1 bottle of un open Yomeishu for 3 years after the manufature year 2011. Is it safe to drink now?


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