Monday, June 8, 2015


One of the most common problems that Singaporeans face is choosing a cuisine or venue to enjoy a good meal. The newly updated OpenSnap App helps you to solve this problem easily and quickly. This app has an extensive listing of more than a million dining establishments and it works not just in Singapore, but also 7 neighbouring regions - Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and China.

OpenSnap is a powerful photo-based food search engine that is your answer to Where to Eat in Singapore. I barely had to type more than 3 words to get a desired result. However, like most apps, it did require a bit of tinkering and getting used to. With tonnes of gorgeous food shots and reviews, it definitely makes planning a dinner date much easier

Upon launching OpenSnap, I was greeted with a vast array of neatly designed categories like ‘Hawker’, ’Fine Dining’, ‘Cafes’ but what caught my eye was ‘Open Till Late’. Aren't we always wondering where to go after dinner? This is the perfect solution!

By using their filter function, you will be able to find eateries and cafes that are nearby and ‘Open Till Late’. It was a bit confusing when I wanted to bring up ‘Open Till Late’ eateries that are both nearby and highly rated. Instead of selecting both ‘Top’ and ‘Nearby’ (which was not possible), I had to key in my district and select ‘Top’. This could certainly use some improvement. I have to say that the indication of how far the dining establishments are located away is very helpful too

A winning feature that you should most definitely utilise would be their newly included dining offer category. There are dining offers from over 700 dining establishments! I really like how simple it is to browse through the hundreds of offers listed. It feels comprehensive and I'm not missing out on any offer!

OpenSnap also allows users to create and share photo albums. If you are an avid foodie and love sharing photos of mouthwatering food, you might find this function useful! Also, you can add adorable stickers and filters to your pretty pictures and include captions and prices of the dishes. You can even rate the dishes! This is another useful and noteworthy feature that allows users to make wiser choices about their food selection

OpenSnap is truly a powerful food search engine that is easy to navigate and it really makes life alot easier with the availability of so much information. Equipped with so many offers across Singapore, this app would probably stay on my device for a while. Who doesn't love a good deal right?

Now you know where to go to find the Best Restaurants and Dishes in Singapore!

This post is brought to you by OpenSnap


Love, Jia Chin

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