Sunday, June 14, 2015

1933 @ Capitol Piazza

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The latest project by The Breadtalk Group has sprouted up at the current hot sensation, Capitol Piazza. The 2-storey 80-seater is a little shy of a month old but it has rocked the food scene with its selection of fusion cuisine with a Southeast Asian touch.

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1933 Coffee- $4-$7
A modern take on traditional Nanyang coffee, the caffeinated beverages come topped with '1933'.

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1933 Power Carrot - $9.60
At first glance, many thought that this was pumpkin soup. But you will know that it isn't once you've tasted it. I wasn't keen on trying it because vegetables aren't really my favourite food you know but I still managed a spoonful, and then two, and then a whole lot more. The taste of carrot wasn't that distinct and that's probably why I enjoyed it more than I thought i would.

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Nanyang Curry Chicken with Bread Bowl - $14.90
Undeniably one of my favourite dishes of the night, the curry chicken bread bowl came filled with a generous portion of kampong chicken chunks, potatoes and carrots. It probably isn't as spicy as many of you would like but it was pretty perfect for me. The freshly baked soft and crusty bread bowl soaked up the curry and it was a joy tearing it up!

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Hainanese Kampong Chicken Rice - $16.80
This was prepared with kampong chickens using traditional Hainanese methods. Kampong chickens are typically more tender and less oily than the regular chicken found in chicken rice. Honestly, I wasn't expecting this to be anywhere near impressive but it actually surprised me. The rice was very flavourful and aromatic and the chicken was indeed very tender. The chilli-lime sauce and freshly pounded ginger complemented the rice all too well and despite having quite a decent feast already, I finished up my entire bowl of rice.

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Grilled Pork Loin - $28.90
The juicy and fork-tender pork loin comes complete with sauteed potatoes in olive oil and a choice of Hainanese, black pepper or mushroom sauce. Another of the highlights of the night, the pork loin left an impression with how flavourful and well-executed it was. Its difficult to get a pork chop right. You have to make sure that its completely cooked but you also have to preserve its succulence at the same time. So, I'd say this pork loin was pretty on point!

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Gula Melaka Pandan Cake - $8.90
Unassuming, unpretentious but so freaking good. This really soft piece of pillowy goodness was awfully fragrant and it is a winning combination with the accompanying gula melaka syrup and yummy cream. This could be my new favourite dessert! I love cream so this was even more delightful for me. But if you don't fancy cream, just scrape it off and you will still have yourself a pretty damn good cake.

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Capitol Piazza houses a couple of famous dessert places and if you're coming by for dessert, why not pop by 1933 for dinner first?

*This was a media preview

15 Stamford Road
L1-83 Galleria, Capitol Piazza
Singapore 178906
Daily : 10am - 10pm


Love, K

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