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Bellini Canella @ Burgers VS Wings + Bar

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Besides the unique burgers and yummy starters served at Burgers VS Wings + Bar, the star of the night was most definitely these bottles of Bellini Canella that was created in 1948 in a bar in Venice. Complete with a minimalistic packaging, the Bellini Canella is a no frills and unpretentious bottle of natural goodness. Vastly different from the Bellini cocktails that we get in bars, Bellini Canella contains fresh white peaches that have been experimented to withstand the test of time in the bottle. Fresh white peaches are the defining ingredient in an authentic Bellini and because they are so rare and expensive, the Bellini cocktails that we find in bars usually contain peach syrup or yellow peaches instead. 

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The Bellini is a blend of quality Prosecco (sparkling wine) from the Canella winery in Venice, and fresh juice from perfectly ripe white peaches. The first whiff offers up a scent of wild berries but a hint of peachy sweetness soon follows. With such an inviting fragrance, it was no wonder I couldn't stop myself from jumping straight into it. Also, that pretty pink colour comes from the addition of wild raspberry juice and is all-natural!

Although I am not a fan of fruity cocktails, the Bellini hit all the right notes with me. With a strong fruity taste, gentle sparkle and mild viscosity, it was especially easy to savour. The balance of tartness and sweetness leaves you wanting an extra sip each time. However, after 4 large glasses of Bellini, I couldn't stomach anymore fruity goodness. Kimberley, on the other hand, couldn't get enough and almost drank an entire bottle!

Even with its distinct sweetness, the Bellini is not as sweet as most Moscatos that we know. With no sugars, artificial additives and preservatives, the Bellini is definitely a healthier choice compared to other sparkling wines and cocktails. Because it is made with natural ingredients grown in Venetian countrysides, be sure not to keep the bottles for too long and enjoy its intended peachy freshness at its best.

For those who seek a sweet, smooth and easy-to-drink aperitif, the Bellini might just be perfect for you!

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Peanut Butter Sliders

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Although this event was mainly to introduce and showcase the Bellini, we were also offered two other really good sparkling wines to try. With a more conventional packaging, the Prosecco and
Spumante Brut left me wanting more. Both excellently balanced and really light bodied, it was almost impossible to get sick of them. They seemed to be wines I could see myself drinking the next time I dine fancy.

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The Bellini Canella can be purchased at leading supermarkets and the awfully affordable price point has misled consumers into thinking that it is a low-quality product but it is in fact, a really good quality bottle of yummy-tasting alcoholic beverage. A thousand percent, value-for-money. Not even exaggerating a bit. If you don't trust our taste that much and will like to have a sip before grabbing a bottle of the shelves, you can also enjoy the Bellini Canella by the glass at Burgers VS Wings + Bar! But seriously, a bottle of Bellini Canella for less than $30 is just. Insane.

*This was a media preview

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