Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Trapped.SG Escape Room

Escape rooms have been all the rage for awhile now and I'm so glad that I visited Trapped.SG!

I had my first experience at a certain escape room in Bugis that cost $28/hour. That particular escape room was just one really small room, with six puzzles to solve. The three of us left disappointed because we expected more excitement or action. That room wouldn't even be able to hold 8 of us comfortably, with ample space to move about. My friends started telling me that this was completely different from the one that they had played previously, where doors would move, and there are different rooms to go through and escape from.

So when I got an invitation from Trapped.SG, I jumped on it and asked the same group of friends along! We tried World War Zombies at the SCAPE outlet, where we entered a very dark room and had to solve a series of clues before eventually obtaining a key to escape from the room. There were secret passages, interesting props, various rooms to break into, sudden movements and it had an element of fear. The excitement level was high and it was an intense hour of cracking codes and piecing things together. We could also call the counter for help whenever we needed it. Technically, we failed the escape room because we asked for help for more than three times haha. BUT, what matters is that we managed to find the key and get out of the room before the hour was up! And we really enjoyed ourselves! Now I'm super excited to try out Friday the 13th because they said that this is the scariest room!

With an outlet at SCAPE, and another one at Kandahar Street, Trapped.SG keeps things fresh by having new themes every now and then. Fans of Hunger Games will be pleased to know that you can immerse yourself into an hour of fun at the Kandahar outlet. Its a common problem for Singaporeans to not know what to do after all the shopping malls are closed. We either go for a drink, movie or supper. But you can visit Trapped for an adrenaline rush and a test of your wit! They open till 11pm on weekdays and 2am on weekends. You can check out the rates and the games available HERE. Student rates are so affordable!

Thank you Trapped.SG for such a fun night!

1st Outlet
Kampung Glam Shop Houses
42 Kandahar Street
Singapore 198896

2nd Outlet
2 Orchard Link, #02-20/21/22
Singapore 237978

Monday - Thursday : 11am - 11pm
Friday - Sunday : 11am - 2am


Love, K

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