Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Bravery @ 66 Horne Road

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Its been a long long time since I last paid a visit to The Bravery but we decided to head there for brunch one Monday morning! I've always remembered the pancakes to be yummy so I recommended that to my partner-in-crime for the day while I grabbed a burger. Burger at 10am? Yupp, that's how I roll.

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Iced Latte - $6.50
Made with Genovese beans, I wasn't that keen to have a morning coffee here because I recalled that I didn't enjoy my last one here. However, some things do deserve a second chance because this was way better than the last one I had here. It was alot creamier and richer.

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Lavender Latte - $5.50
This is their signature beverage that is pretty photogenic. Pleasant and smooth and nicely scented but when those dried lavender get into your mouth... I suggest taking them out after you're done with pictures

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The Prime - $18
Didn't really expect much of the burger but it was pretty yummy! The buns were soft and fluffy and a little crisp after being toasted. The juicy patty with aged cheddar worked well together. One thing though, they ran out of truffle potato chips but they didn't tell me when I was placing my order and I had to ask about my missing chips only to learn that its unavailable

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Pancakes Stack - $15 
Thick and fluffy and so good with that ricotta and pistachio! Definitely one of my favourite pancakes in Singapore!

The Bravery makes a good location for a quiet weekday brunch and we appreciate the friendly service!

66 Horne Road
Singapore 209073
Monday - Friday : 9am-7pm
Saturday, Sunday : 8am - 8pm


Love, K

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