Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hungry Heroes @ 33 Tessensohn Road

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When you let a Captain America fanatic pick a dinner venue, this has to be it. We came to Hungry Heroes all hungry and expectant. The place was very nicely dolled up with life sized superhero models, tons of pictures and figurines. However, we were greeted with rather poor service on arrival and it kinda did affect the rest of the meal.

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The second level was more artsy and colourful

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The Steak-Out - $118 (for 4-5pax)
Two guys and a girl finished this with ease. We felt that the crispy fries and tasty beef stew were the nicest items of the lot. The ribs were a tad dry but the sauce that they were drizzled in was pretty yummy. The beef was unevenly cooked and one half of it was awfully well done. The sausages were on the bland side and the meatballs were really quite hard and tough. We finished up everything but for the price that we paid, we expected better

After dinner, we were told that we were eligible for complimentary dessert at Art Art And Away a few doors away.

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So we went over and had the Peanut Paste and Almond Paste.

Apart from the one server who displayed quite a horrid attitude, we received genuine and warm service from the rest of the service crew. Doubt I'll return anytime soon but I'm glad I popped by anyway. It was a treat seeing the beautifully decorated restaurant

33 Tessensohn Road
Singapore 217656
Monday - Thursday : 4pm - 11pm
Friday : 4pm - 12am
Saturday : 12pm - 12am
Sunday : 12pm - 11pm


Love, K

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