Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Water Matrix Hair Treatment @ Bottega Hair & Beauty

 photo P6115380.jpg
This is how my hair looked like after the latest Water Matrix Hair Treatment from Japan. A three-step process to deeply hydrate your hair. I hope the before and after pictures give you a clearer picture of what this hair treatment can do!

 photo P6115316.jpg

 photo P6115317.jpg

 photo P6115318.jpg
Yez, worse than grass.

 photo P6115371.jpg
Step 1 : Hydration. That bottle of spray is applied onto your wet hair before it is partially blown dried and ironed for the treatment to penetrate and be absorbed by your hair

 photo P6115321.jpg
Step 2: Apply hair mask and rinse off

 photo P6115345.jpg
Step three : Apply leave-on on wet hair, steam and blow-dry

 photo P6115350.jpg
And ... add some curls with the curling iron (completely optional) but TADAH!

 photo P6115362.jpg

 photo P6115382.jpg
Doesn't my hair look way healthier, less frizzy and less hay-like?

The Water Matrix Treatment does not contain silicon, which is harmful to your hair, like other treatments available in the market. The hydrating and moisturizing effects are long-lasting and my hair is honestly, seriously way better now!

The treatment is $180 but from now till 10th July, quote 'KIMBERLEY' for a 30% discount!

Orchard Gateway
Daily : 10am-10pm


Love, K

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